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? ? ? ? ?David Addison : 2006 : ‘Mondrian development’ : gouache and ink on paper : 15″ x 22″ This work illustrates some points which are important in my approach :- starting with a ‘mark’ – either a line or a colour – from which the subsequent ‘marks’ develop like Paul Klee who […]

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Discovering Paintings : Thomas Jones ‘Buildings in Naples’ : Cardiff, National Museum of Wales

Thomas Jones : ‘Buildings in Naples’: 1782 : Cardiff, National Museum of Wales Tucked away in a corner of several art galleries are sometimes small works by an artist who is almost completely unknown, at least in most British galleries, with a very ordinary sort of name – Thomas Jones. But a study of his […]

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EXPLORING BRITISH PAINTING 1880-1920 Week 2. Oct 23rd 2012. The staging by Roger Fry in 1910 and 1912 of ‘Post-Impressionist’ exhibitions has often led to a belief that Britain was unaware of what had been happening in France in earlier decades. In fact there had been a series of exhibitions of work by French artists […]

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Ashmolean Art Appreciation : British Art 1880-1920

The new series of Art Appreciation talks at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, started this week.  The aim of all our Art Appreciation sessions  is to explore the paintings hanging in the Ashmolean within their physical, cultural and historical contexts. EXPLORING BRITISH PAINTING 1880-1920 Wk1 16th October 2012. The period around 1880 saw a profound upheaval in […]

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