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David Addison : Collapsed dry-stone wall : soft pencil : Yorkshire : 1969 I have recently been browsing through innumerable sketches, studies, and unfinished work amassed over the years ? a salutary experience!? During that nostalgic trip through my past I came across this small drawing which reminded me of the basis of my work […]

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A Tale of Three Churches

            Our three churches of North Stoke, Mongewell, and Ipsden are all ancient, beautiful, and of human size. They were built for the community by the community and using local materials. All of the present buildings go back around 800 years – but are probably, in the case of North […]

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Discovering Paintings : Gwen John : A Corner of the Artist’s Room

 Gwen John : A Corner of the Artist’s Room in Paris 1907-1909   Sheffield.       A few years ago there was staged an important exhibition, at Tate Britain and the National Museum of Wales, of the work of the brother and sister Augustus and Gwen John. Prior to this exhibition I, and I suspect […]

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  EXPLORING BRITISH PAINTING 1880-1920 Week 3 Once the restrictive mould of the Royal Academy had been broken – or at least cracked – the flood-gates were opened. An important aspect of the new approach fostered by the Slade School and the New English Art Club was that the artist was now in charge. Severing […]

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