Art Appreciation sessions led by David Addison.

‘The Art of Still-Life’ : Fridays May 3rd to 24th : 4 afternoons 2pm-4pm.

Still-Life painting, including Flower Painting, may not appear the most exciting subject matter for a painting – but it has been around for a long time meaning that it was something that patrons clearly wanted. The fact is that Still-Life has hidden depths – a wealth of content, meaning and practice. This series seeks to explore, question, and critically appreciate those mysteries.

STUDY DAY : ‘Discovering Saints and their Worlds’ : Tuesday 25th June : 10.30am to 3.30pm.

What are Saints? Why are there Saints? We shall tackle these questions, and more, in this day exploring works in the Ashmolean collection. We shall attempt to cast aside any assumptions and prejudices and attempt to critically examine the works and their worlds. We might also discuss whether ‘Saints’ have any place in our World to-day.

AFTERNOON TEA LECTURE : ‘The Slade School Phenomenon’ : Tuesday 11th June : 2pm to 3.30pm.

British Art of the early twentieth century has recently gone through a critical reappraisal and appreciation. The uniqueness and individuality of British artists inspired by contemporary French practice and thinking would not have emerged without the foundation, in 1871, of the Slade School of Fine Art. The staff and students of the Slade quickly shook the foundations of traditional British art teaching, appreciation and practice.

All these require booking through Ashmolean Education Department.

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